Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Crayon Art: Melting Stuff Is Cool.

This project is a ton of fun. It is so simple and kids LOVE it. Feel free to get creative with your pattern of crayons and material of canvas. We're thinking about trying pallet wood next time for our backdrop.

Also, note for next summer: try affixing the crayons and then leaving the canvas upright out in the hot sun to see what kind of melting takes place!

You only need four items and two steps to make this project a success:

1. Crayons. 2. Canvas. 3. Glue Gun. 4. Blow Dryer. 

Step 1. Glue the crayons in place.
Step 2. Melt the crayons with a dryer.

(special thanks to Scott Haydon for the great photos.)
After you hot glue your crayons into place let the melting begin!

end result #1(me)

end result #2 (like watercolor!)(Scott Haydon)

end result #3 (like rocketships!)(Tyler King)

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