Wednesday, May 18, 2011

project mayhem: now with pretty(er) nails.

You will need glitter, eyeshadow and clear nail polish. We used really cheap nail polish and eyeshadow. This is a great way to use up old eyeshadow!
Use a butter knife to scrape out the color you want to work with into a bowl.

If you want glitter in your polish (and really, who doesn't?) add it to the eyeshadow and mix it up. You can use more than one color of glitter!

Dump a little of the clear nail polish out and funnel in the eyeshadow/glitter mixture. This can be tricky but I promise you can make it happen! Close the lid tight and shake it up. That's it! You're done :)

Finished product(s). We are already planning new color combinations to try out next!

Friday, May 13, 2011

cincinnati fire kites: light up life

1: fold a piece of newspaper toward the center and lightly tape.

2: light each corner on fire. at the same time.

3: step back and watch the paper burn. and begin to fill with air.

4. watch burning newspaper full of air lift into the sky.

5. and then it disappears.

this is fun. and easy. it is a great trick, especially on a cool night.

looking forward to mayhem? me too.

keep an eye out, my pretties. this space will soon be filled with experiments, "secret" projects and, yep - you guessed it, glitterguns.